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Kish Island Office



Manager : Farshid Amini

Tel: 07644453084

Fax: 07644453081


MSP Kala Naft Co. Tehran has established its representative office in Kish Island in line with the general policies of ministry of petroleum with the purpose of reducing its procurement activities abroad and transferring these activities inside the country. The followings are some of the most important aims of establishing Kish Office that show the benefits and facilities which can be provided and presented to the local & foreign investors , suppliers & manufacturers for mutual cooperation .




Presentation of a purchasing system using the existing commercial facilities in Kish Island for purchasing emergency items requested by the endusers .

Benefiting the facilities of Kish free zone customs for importing the goods required by oil , gas & petrochemical industries in the shortest possible time.

Increasing the possibility of direct negotiation with manufacturers having know-how.

Conducting & persuading the private sector to establish factories & workshops with economic justification in order to produce consumable items.




Supporting policies of Kish representative office for investors, manufacturers & suppliers who establish their factory, office, stock store, repair workshop or technical service facilities is available .

Exclusive and outstanding features of Kish Island has provided a golden opportunity for investors & manufacturers , some of which are as follows :

Low living costs ( accommodation , food, water, electricity, wages) compared with other countries.

Comprehensive and effective international commercial  communication using the existing facilities in the Island.

Fast communication possibility between manufacturers/ suppliers and endusers’ technical & commercial teams and ultimately quicker trend of purchasing .

Availability of daily flights between Kish Island and UAE.

Visa exemption for entering Kish Island.

Preparedness of Kish free zone organization for cooperation with foreign investors .

Banking facilities for establishment of LCS and cash payments in a short time .

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