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Message of Managing Director

Currently, goods manufacturing, support and procurement management office of national Iranian oil company is in charge of policy-making in the fields such as aggregate demand and goods purchase and also transfer of technology and technical knowledge. Major duties defined for aforesaid office is to focus and support on domestic manufacturing.

Current management office is assigned to adopt policies relevant to goods procurement and a purchase integrated system will be soon located in aforesaid office.

By the means of above-mentioned system, aggregate demand of Iran oil industry’s goods will be easily performed in order to present technical and economic justification pertaining to goods and equipment manufacturing to investors in oil industry. Any applicant from subsidiary companies of Oil Company is authorized to apply for purchasing of goods from this system.

Foreign companies must know that Iran is a big market but domestic equipment manufacturing is our main purpose. Therefore, it would be better if they hold part of this market by transferring technology and making partnership with domestic manufacturers. Law and Regulations of Iran authorize and pave the ground for foreign companies to produce their own goods in Iran by 100%.   

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