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Specialized Services Management


Manager: Mehdi Nasehi

Tel: 021 88906608

Fax: 021 88916451

This management consists of 4 specialized departments playing an important and fundamental role in rectifying and improving procedures in the field of information technology and business work processes and ready to present the following services:

-    Designing, establishing and running the portal of material and services.

-    Providing commercial policies, procedures and instructions.

-    Materials and equipments standardization and classification.

-    Consultation on insurance affairs.


Commercial policies & Procedures Dept.

Responsibilities and Activities:

-    Providing executive commercial procedures, instructions and circulars required by oil industry.

-    Providing commercial policies and quality assurance modules.

-    Reviewing, rectifying and updating the current Procedures and instructions.

-    Field research and providing educational subjects for new commercial procedures.

-    Rectifying and improvement of current business processes.

-    Identifying the bottlenecks and presenting applicable methods in order to facilitate the procedures.

-    Performing the required educational courses in commercial fields and material procurement system.


Systems Design and Mechanized Services Dept.

Responsibilities and Activities:

-    Implementation and supporting material procurement system.

-       Development and maintenance of the purchasing system

-       Development and maintaining company’s internet and intranet networks.

-       Development and maintenance of the “transportation & customs clearance” and “sourcing” systems.

-       Implementation and supporting administration automation system. 

-       Establishing, training and supporting the portal of electronic procurement of oil industry.

-       Presenting development services to commodity stores and implementing mechanized systems for  inventory control.

-       Creating periodic statistics & reports.


Materials Classification and Standardization Dept.

Responsibilities and Activities:

-    Classification and standardization of consumable goods.

-    Classifying the consumable goods to “standard items”, “general items”, “spare parts” and “non-standard items”.

-      Presenting the statistic reports of consumed goods including “store stock”, date and prices of last orders.

-      Providing report of the volume of consumable items in specified intervals and identifying non-consumed items for the purpose of programming and making necessary decisions.


Insurance Expertise Affairs

Responsibilities and Activities:

-    Consultancy and centralized services for all types of insurance such as, Energy (offshore & onshore), oil cargo, fire, installations, engineering , projects , transportation, aviation & marine ,automotive and civil liabilities.

-    Analyzing and comparing the proposals of insurance companies and selecting the best one.

-    Presenting proficiency services for local and foreign transportation insurance.

-    Evaluation of the cost of damages and collecting the payments from local and foreign insurance companies.

-    Updating the latest developments in local and international insurance markets in order to maintain the insurance standards throughout oil industry.

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