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Foreign Purchasing Management

Director : M. Chimehi

Tel : 021-82015322

Fax : 02188926765


Foreign purchasing management has 9 different sections and each section is responsible for purchasing different items.

With almost three decades of purchasing activities, we now have a very talented and qualified team that can meet all the procurement needs and expectations of end-users.

Our main task is to provide equipment, spare parts and related services required by different N.I.O.C. Managements. If the requested material is manufactured by the local manufactures, order is placed with them; otherwise, it is referred to the foreign purchasing management. The foreign purchasing management, with the help of sourcing department, locates the most well-known manufacturers/ suppliers and after the final technical approval of the end-user, places the order with the company which has offered the best price and conditions.

To contribute to the development and growth of national industry and follow the N.I.O.C. and government policy, we pay special attention to local manufacturing and enhancing the capacities of local manufacturers.

Accordingly, in our special and major tenders, we encourage the foreign well-known manufacturers to establish a joint venture with the potential local manufactures. We also give priority to the bidders who are willing to invest in the local market or are ready to transfer technology and know- how to their local partners. As a matter of fact, we are a pioneer in the field of transfer of technology to Iran and expansion/development of Iranian industry.

Our competent staff with their valuable experience and with the help of other departments of M.S.P. Kala Naft such as sourcing , traffic and customs, inspection and finance are committed to satisfy our end-users needs.

Purchasing with the best price, best quality, and earliest possible time is our goal but through all the purchasing procedures, we respect the rules and regulations set by government, parliament and N.I.O.C. authorities.

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