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Transportation & Customs Clearance Management

Director: Hamid Reza Salamat

Tel: 021-88916396

Fax: 021-88724253

As the last part of material procurement chain, and in the light of close relations with Iranian Customs Organization and reputable transportation companies and through over 50 years of experience, this management utilizes an expert team and mechanized system at its offices and facilities in major Iranian ports as well as open & roofed storages to present all services for transportation , storage and sales of the surplus items to satisfy the customers’ requirements.


Capabilities and Facilities:

Experienced and skilled personnel

Private storage and wharf at Bandar Emam Khomeini

A complex of private open and roofed storage in Tehran and Bandar Abbas

Equipped representative offices in Tehran and southern ports’ customs .

Customs clearance and transportation mechanized system having capability of issuing customs electronic declaration .


Executive  Capability :

Presenting the most secured and fast services for transportation of air freight, sea freight and overland consignments worldwide.

Customs clearance formalities (import, export, sabotage, transit, swap,…)with minimum time and cost at all customs points and local transportation of the goods up to consumers’ stores.

Presentation of storage services at Ray stores complex.

Services for selling  surplus items.

Departments and Authorized Personnel: 

Head of Customs Clearance Dept:  M.R. Mirzaei

Tel: 021  88724248                 Fax:  021 88713448

Head of Transportation Dept.: Afshin Hosseini

Tel: 021  88926165                 Fax:  021 8880287

Head of Ray Commercial Stores:  Ghasem Zandi

Tel: 021  55216053                Fax:  021 55901098

Head of Surplus Items Dept.: M.A. Rastegar

Tel: 021  82015622                Fax:  021 88711537



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