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Sourcing Department


Manager : Javad Pirayesh

Tel : 02182015193  & 02188802855

Fax :02188802674


One of the most important business sectors of oil industry for the supply of goods and the equipments needed in oil, gas and petrochemical industry is the sourcing department.

This section plays an efficient role to the process of buying with introducing the domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers to the purchasing department.

The major tasks of this section are as follows:

A-Process of the indent check and allocation to relevant purchasing departments:

1-   The indent is prepared by the end users and sent to kala naft company for purchasing .

2-   Commercial and technical checking and comment of sourcing experts for the possibility of local or foreign supply.

3-   Checking the general and project requests and determining of relevant purchasing departments.

4-   Preparation and approval of long and short vendor list for the supply of goods & equipments.

B- Investigation & assessment of technical & commercial ability of companies:

1-   Preparation and approval of all technical and commercial evaluation forms of companies.

2-   Investigation & assessment of vendors profiles in order to enter them into approved vendor list.

3-   Visiting the local manufacturers and providing related report.

4-   Approval or disapproval of companies after checking.

5-   Creating index of goods for approved companies in accordance with MESC, based on their activities.

6-   Updating the contact, address, products and other information of companies.


The sourcing department has five specialized sections as follows:

1-   Drilling & Refinery equipment group

2-   Mechanic & Rotary machineries group

3-   Electric & Instruments group

4-   Chemical & General items group

5-   Technical Committee & Registration of indents

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