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Tender Committee

Chairman : Behzad Akbarzadeh



 Duties and responsibilities :

1.               Holding the committee meetings before processing tenders.

2.               Evaluation of bidders’ offers in terms of being readable, unconditional financial offers, bearing the authorities’ signature and completeness of the required documents

3.               Assessment and identifying the acceptable offers in accordance with the terms and conditions of the tenders

4.               Referring the technical offers to technical-commercial committee in two-staged tenders .

5.               Identifying the first and second winners of the tender in line with article 19 and 20 of tendering conduct rules .

6.               Preparing minutes of meetings .

7.               Making decision on either retendering or cancelling the tender

8.               Securing the technical and financial offers in a safe  place

9.               Evaluation of purchase/sales’ files referred from other departments

10.           Holding daily meetings.

11.           Assessment of files and cases received from local &  foreign purchasing transportation and customs clearance , human resources and issuance of comments / approvals accordingly.

12.           Issuance of comments / approvals for the referred cases by managing director .

13.           Finalizing old and unsolvable cases through organizing successive meetings with vendors and end users

14.           Issuing instructions to facilitate tender  process using tendering conduct rules and NIOC transaction circulars

15.           Opening the technical envelopes in due course

16.           Opening the financial envelopes in due course  with the presence of all bidders , end users and security department representative

17.           Declaring the final winner

18.           Conduct the auctions for surplus commodities with the presence of auctioneers and representative of security department

19.           Evaluation of some referred cases and provision of practical suggestion to the board, where applicable


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